AP Statistics Quarter 1 Exam Study Guide

The Qtr 1 Exam will be Friday October 16 at 10:15 to 11:45. The actual AP Exam on Thursday May 13, 2021 at 12 noon has two sections: Multiple Choice (50%) and Free Response (50%). Section I is 40 multiple choice questions designed to be answered in 90 minutes. Section II part A is 5 questions designed to be answered in 65 minutes, and part B, a single question designed to be answered in 25 minutes.


The content of the Quarter 1 Exam includes everything from Chapter 4 to "Big Bird's Big Book of Numbers" (see the list of topics below). There will be 21 multiple choice questions (designed to be answered in 40 minutes), and 5 Free response questions (designed to be answered in 50 minutes).

You are provided a Formula Sheet that also has tables for the Normal, T, and Chi-Square distributions.

The College Board that administers the AP exam has this helpful passage about what should be included in a free response question:

Show all your work. Indicate clearly the methods you use, because you will be scored on the correctness of your methods as well as on the accuracy and completeness of your results and explanations.


Here is a check list of some major topics from the first few chapters:

Review your work and note what you did well, correct your mistakes, and practice the topics you feel you haven't mastered.


Helpful Practice

I recommend going over old quizzes and tests to remind yourself of the questions you mastered and to master those you need to understand better.

Additionally, the following links have helpful review practice:
  1. Old Free Response Questions from Past Exams (and scoring guidelines)
  2. Chapter 1 Links
  3. Chapter 2 Links
  4. Chapter 3 Links
  5. Chapter 4 Links
  6. Google Classroom has solutions to all the study packets
  7. Khan Academy's AP Statistics Web site (Join QTXDRKT3 for Fr Chris' class)
  8. myAP.collegeboard.org AP Classroom XRZPVD
  9. Rossman Applets
  10. online practice from StatTrek
  11. Sample questions from DS Marketing
  12. Links from Mrs Daniels's AP Course

Online quizzes
  1. Online Quiz on center spread and shape
    Online quiz on Graphs
  2. Online quiz on the normal distribution
  3. Online quiz on LSRL and correlation distribution
  4. Online quiz on sampling and experimental design


The exam is graded on a curve and represents 20% of your grade. Bring a calculator, a number 2 pencil and good eraser Finally, remember to go to bed at a descent hour so you are rested enough to think clearly, and have a healthy breakfast. Good luck!