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   -[[One to Ten Game]]   -[[One to Ten Game]]
   -[[https://​​apcs/​pmwiki.php?​n=Main.TalkLikeAPirateDay|Talk Like a Pirate]]   -[[https://​​apcs/​pmwiki.php?​n=Main.TalkLikeAPirateDay|Talk Like a Pirate]]
 +  -{{ ::​polllab2.mp4 |Video of Lab 5.11 Pie Chart}} Lab 5.11
 +  -[[Truth Table]]
   -[[Number Cube]] (Dice)   -[[Number Cube]] (Dice)
   -[[Balloons]] Balloon Fall/​Balloon Rise   -[[Balloons]] Balloon Fall/​Balloon Rise
   -[[Watermellon]] ​   -[[Watermellon]] ​
   -[[DrNim]]   -[[DrNim]]
-  ​-{{ ::​polllab2.mp4 |Video of Lab 5.11 Pie Chart}}+  ​
   -[[Adding Drill]]   -[[Adding Drill]]
   -[[Estimate Pi]]   -[[Estimate Pi]]
   -[[Qtr 1 Study Guide]]   -[[Qtr 1 Study Guide]]
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