AP Annual Conf 2011

Engaging AP Computer Science Students Using a Class Wiki

Chris Thiel - Moscone Second Floor Room 2000 - 9:00 AM Sat July 23


Links to movies used

  1. Wikis for Demos Cartoon
  2. Wiki for Class Demos: editing sample code
  3. Wiki for Class Demos: changing on the fly
  4. Students submit work and ask for help
  5. Wikis for Projects Cartoon
  6. Javawide demo
  7. wikis for group work


My APCS Video Webcast (click here fo subscribe with iTunes)
"The new way to Q&A" While not quite a wiki, or a blog, or a Class Managment Tool, this hybrid has a great way for having students answer and ask questions where you can track hot topics. Instructors can condone or "bless" students' answers to other students' questions. More of a bulletin board than a wiki. Here is a link to some demo videos.
Adding a Wiki to a Class Moodle
Many teachers use the moodle Class Management or learning environment system for their classes. There is a Wiki module for moodle you can add to your course's moodle
PmWiki is a popular open source wiki you can install on your own website (This is the one I'm using at http://apcs.mathorama.com) Installation instructions here.
This open source wiki can also be installed on your website. This is the one http://www.javawide.org and http://www.wikipedia.org/ uses
You dont have to install anything, to have not only working Java IDE, but also a way to have students work on the same file. You can get your own javawiki site for free (for the asking).Demo video here
Formerly known as javabat. While not a wiki, this too wonderful for me to leave out, just in case you don't know about it already. Various programming exercises can be answered online and evaluated with something like a JUnit test for each question.
A place that offers anyone a free website (they make their money by having you need more space, but the first 1500MB is free)
A tutorial for installing moodle on a 000webhost.com website, but helpful for tips on installing a wiki like pmwiki or mediawiki or moodle on any website.
Wikis in software article
Comparison of wiki software
Offers free wikis on their wiki farm, so you dont have to install anything or have you own website. This can be handy if you want your students to host a wiki for their group project.

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