Semester 1 Final Study Guide

The exam will be December 15 after lunch. It is a cumulative exam that covers the summer assignment, the Magpie Chat-bot Lab, and chapters 2 to 5 of the book. There will be 15-18 multiple choice (the AP Exam pace is 2 minutes, 15 seconds each) and 3 free response questions (15 minutes each), each portion is worth 100 points (double the chapter tests).

It is a good idea to review the daily quiz answer keys posted at plusPortals, as well as past AP Questions like ScrambleWord. Remember to go back and review the multiple choice questions and statements written in bold print in the text. To review the free response, be sure to consult the Chapter 2 Study Guide and the Chapter 3 Study Guide. Don't forget that you don't need a computer to practice writing code at The free response will emphasize writing methods that deal with int, double, and String and arrays of int, double, and String that might need a loop. Practice writing loops like the ones mentioned on the Chapter 2 Study Guide and javabat exercises in the Warmup-1&2 , String-1&2, Array-1&2.

The College Board has posted free response questions for you to practice with here.

Finally, please remember to get a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast! Some elegant solutions to these are at Skylit, the book publisher of our textbook.

Good Luck!