Study Guide For Pic Lab Test

The Lab Test is to assure you understood the answers and exercises you submitted the last few weeks. It also should have helped you master the following skills:

  1. Define static methods
  2. Declare and initialize 2D arrays
  3. Use embedded for loops.
  4. Access methods from a class
  5. Make Tester methods to test your static and object methods
  6. Understand the difference between a subclass and an interface.

The test will have multiple choice, short answer and free response questions. For certain questions, you will have a diagram showing the relationship between classes and interfaces.

You will be asked to understand what a Picture method does, given the code. You will be asked to make code similar to the methods you made for the Picture Lab Activities. Make sure you understand what you turned in in Activities 1-9.

You may wish to try a picture modification of your own design, like mirroring along a diagonal, or mixing two pictures together by averaging the pixel colors or letting the odd rows be one picture and the even rows the other, or else try the Chromakey or Steganography bonus activities.