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Class Date Schedule Topic Page Exercises Links
1Tuesday, Mar 15 Day 5Please Check In Each Class at Socrative.com
   SFHS 2021 AP Exam Schedule
 Tuesday, Mar 15 Day 5 - BrownIn class
  1. Go over Free Response Questions from Qtr 3 Exam
  2. Unit 7 (ArrayLists) PPC MCQ (@ AP Classroom
  3. AP Exam Thursday May 6, pencils down at 12PM, so arrive 30 minutes earliest to fill out forms.
  4. apStudents.org/2021 will have the latest news from the College Board
Finish Unit 7 MCQ for homework.
2Thursday, Mar 17 Day 1Senior Retreat on Campus
 Thursday, Mar 17 Day 1 - Gold(Juniors only because of Senior Retreat - Friday Schedule, so class starts at 11:55)

AP Classroom FRQ's

  • Write class Meal (FRQ)
  • FRQ Crossword (2D array)
3Tuesday, Mar 22 Day 3 - BrownElevens Lab Student Guide Activity 9: Implementing the ElevensBoardCode Link
   In class:
  1. Start Elevens Activity 9
  2. Unit 8 FRQ (due at 11:45)
For HW
4Thursday, Mar 24 Day 5 - GoldIn class:
  1. Questions about Elevens Activity 9
  2. Unit 9 MCQ (due at 11:45)
For HW
 Thursday, Mar 24 Day 5Frosh Orientation Wed March 31/April 1 (8:30-11:30)
5Monday, Mar 28 Day 1 - BrownIn class:
  1. Brown "roomies": Try a Portion of a Paper Practice Exam
  2. "zoomies": Try a FRQ in Test Portals
  3. Unit 10 Progress Check: MCQ APClassroom.collegeboard.org
  4. Unit 3 Progress Check: FRQ APClassroom.collegeboard.org (self scoring)
for HW, finish what you were not able to complete in class of Unit 3 FRQ and Unit 10 MCQ
  1. browwxy.com A web page where you compile your code, even in an iPad (it is a server side complier, so it is not as quick as your computer).
  2. An Easter Egg on every Java .class file!
6Wednesday, Mar 30 Day 3 M GoldIn class:
  1. Gold "roomies": Try the MC Portion of a Practice Exam on Paper (Like the exam on May 6)
  2. "zoomies": Practice Exam (the 40 question MC portion) in AP Classroom (Only available from 10:15 to 11:45 using the Lockdown Browser
for HW, In GC you will find the 40 MC Questions from the 2009 Exam.
  • First, read the questions, and write your best guess
  • Next, grade your work using these explanations to each question ,
  • Finally, submit a report in GC on which problem numbers you missed because of a minor "goof" and which you missed because you need to review that topic some more.
Please use this opportunity to struggle with a question before looking at the answer. You learn a lot more this way. I will adjust our few remaining classes based upon your report.
7Friday, Apr 01 Day 5 F BrownIn class:
  1. Brown "roomies": FRQ1 and 2 of the parctice Exam.
  2. "zoomies": 4-7 FRQ Practice AP Classroom Remember to self-score
For HW:
  1. Watch 9.6 Daily Video: Polymorphism 1
  2. Watch 9.6 Daily Video: Polymorphism 2
  3. Watch 9.6 Dailiy Video: Polymorphism 3
  4. HW 4-7 in AP Classroom: Pet FRQ (Remember to Self score)
8Tuesday, Apr 05 Day 1 - GoldIn class: For Homework SFHS 2021 AP Exam Schedule
9Thursday, Apr 07 Day 3 - BrownClass Lab: Simon Game

For HW: Tens Game

starter code
10Monday, Apr 11 Day 5 - GoldIn class: For Homework
11Wednesday, Apr 13 Day 1 M BrownIn class (Log In to receive credit): For Homework
12Monday, Apr 25 Day 3 - GoldIn class (Log In to receive credit): For Homework
13Wednesday, Apr 27 Day 5 - BrownIn class : For Homework
14Friday, Apr 29 Day 1 F GoldIn class : For Homework
    AP Live Video 5 Control Structures
  • HW4-14 (GC) Average Random Lengths in a Square and a Circle
15Tuesday, May 03 Day 3 - BrownIn class:
  1. Complete BingoBoard class
  2. Begin a 2021 FRQ (finish for homework)
  3. In person students can try a 2020 secure exam)
For Homework:
  • HW 4-15 in Google classroom (2021 FRQ) Resist the temptation to look up the answers before you spenc 90 min on these 4. This is one of the best simulations you can have for Tuesday's actual exam.
16Thursday, May 05 Day 5 - GoldIn class:
  1. Do you have the Latest Version of the Digital Testing App? (May 11, 2021 - version 0.9.4)
  2. The 4 steps
  3. Step 1 Download latest version cb.org/ap2021examapp
  4. Step 2
  5. Step 3 (To be done May 15, 16, or 17)
  6. Step 4 (To be done May 18 at 12:30 PM)
  7. Exam Terms and Conditions
17Monday, May 09 Day 1 - BrownLast Class before the AP Exam Tuesday May 18, 2021 1 PM

Saturday is 3 days before the exam when you can complete step 3 (You can watch the Overview Video here)

You will receive credit for each of the 4 steps outlined Wednesday (See links above):
  1. Step 1 (Login): Due 5/14
  2. Step 2 (Practice Complete): Due 5/14
  3. Step 3 (Exam Setup): Due Between 5/15 and 5/17 Midnight
  4. Step 4 (Check-In): Due 5/18 12:30 PM
18Wednesday, May 11 Day 3 - GoldAP Computer Science A Exam Check-In to Digital App from home at 12:30PM Local Time (No need to attend any classes today)Solutions of FRQ'a from the Past
19Friday, May 13 Day 5 F BrownSemester 2 Exam (TestPortal)Sem 2 Exam Study Guide
20Tuesday, May 17 Day 1 - GoldSenior Holiday (Make-up Exam or PicoFermiBagel Game)
21Thursday, May 19 Day 3 - BrownSenior Finals: English/World Languages

Pico Fermi Bagel:
  1. Game Description
  2. Online Example
  3. Starter Code
22Monday, May 23 Day 5 - GoldSenior Holiday Monday May 23

Senior Finals - May 24 - May 26

Friday: Baccalaureate 8pm
    Pico Fermi Bagel:
  1. Game Description
  2. Online Example
  3. Starter Code

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