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Click Boxes Lab

This Lab is a colorful way to practice how to search and remove things in an ArrayList. It is a perfect job for the while loop, because the size of the ArrayList is changing. You may wish to re-read Chapter 11 section 5 (page 325) about this topic.

You can see how it is supposed to work with this jar file: ClickBoxes.jar

You will need the Box class which has some static Arrays and a static method about the color palette.

Your job is to complete the remove method of the ClickBoxes class. You will need to to go through the ArrayList called boxes and look to see if it matches the color you care removing. If it does, remove it from boxes, If it doesn't match, look for the next. Here is the starter code:

What else?
  1. In the Box class, add a String field called label
  2. In the Box class, add a setLabel method to have client classes change the contents of label
  3. In the Box class, change the draw method so it draws the label. The syntax of the graphics method that will do it is drawString( String s, int x, int y).
  4. In the ClickBoxes' class alter the paintComponent method that changes the label of each box in the boxes ArrayList so that it it shows its order in the ArrayList.
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