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Greed Game:


  • 5 rounds
  • your score is the sum of scores from the five rounds
  • highest score wins

A “round”: 1. Everyone stands 2. a six-sided die is rolled twice, and the sum is everybody’s current score for this round. 3. If you are happy with this score, sit down writing the number on your score card 4. If you want more, keep standing, and the die is rolled again

What's next: 1. If a 2 was not rolled, add the number to your score card 2. If you like the score sit down and write it to your score card 3. If you want more, remain standing

What if it is a 2?

If you are sitting down, this is merely the end of the round If you are standing, you must score a zero for this round.

Here are two BlueJ project zipped up with some code:

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