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How to Install kareljrobot.jar in an Eclipse Project

  1. Go tho the workbench, Under the File menu, select New Java Project
  2. Give the project a name (for example Karel at SFHS)
  3. In the JRE area, select use an execution environment JRE J2SE-1.5
  4. In the Project Layout area, select Use project folder as root for sources and class files
  5. Press the Finish button, even if you don't speak Finnish.
  6. Now right-click the new Project and select Preferences at the bottom (or press Alt-Enter)
  7. Click once on the left to select Java Build Path
  8. Click once on the third tab called Libraries
  9. Click the second button down called Add External JARs
  10. Select the KarelJRobot.jar file you downloaded earlier
  11. Press the Open button
  12. Press the Apply and Close button
  13. Make a new class RobotRunner to test it out:
  import kareltherobot.*;
  public class RobotRunner implements Directions
	public static void main(String[] args) 
		World.placeBeepers(4, 3, 2);
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