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Write an instruction followWallRight for the MazeWalker class, assuming that whenever a robot executes this instruction there is a wall directly to the right. It should be able to handle these four possible situations:



These four different position changes is the cornerstone for the algorithm that directs a robot to escape from a maze simply by following the right wall. It isn't the most efficient algorithm, and it won't work on mazes that have islands (Can you imagine why?). Do you think following the left walls would be better?

import kareltherobot.*;
public class MazeWalker extends Robot
	public MazeWalker(int street, int avenue, 
                       Direction direction, int beepers) 
		super(street, avenue, direction, beepers);
     * This is an algorithm to run a maze. It isn't the fastest method,
     * and won't work if the maze has any islands (Can you imagine why?)
     * Would it be better to follow the leftWalls?
	public void escapeMaze() {
		while (! nextToABeeper() )
     * This will move the Robot according to the diagram
     * above.  Use if () else statements to handle the 4 cases
	public void followRightWall() 
	public void turnRight() {
		for (int i=0; i<3; i++)

First use the MazeWalkerTester to see if your code deals with the four situations correctly.

Once the tester shows that the four cases are handled correctly, here is a maze runner class with its own maze:


  • Case One check: is the front clear?
  • Case 2,3,4 you can move
  • Case 2 versus case 3,4: is there a wall on the right?
  • In case 3 and 4 you can move to the right.
  • Case 3 versus case 4: is there a wall on the right?


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