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The first semester exam will be Wednesday December 12 8:23-9:53 in room 305. The average of the two quarter exams is worth 20% of your grade. The first semester exam is a cumulative exam that covers the summer assignment, and chapters 1 through 12 of the textbook. There will be multiple choice and free response questions. Each portion (Multiple Choice and Free Response) is worth 50 percent, just like the AP Exam. On the actual AP Exam, the multiple choice question pace is 2 minutes, 15 seconds each, and the free response questions pace is about 15 minutes each. The AP Exam will be at noon, Friday May 17, 2019.

It is a good idea to review your homework, the powerpoint slides and notes from the textbook (in Google Classroom ), and the quiz questions posted at PlusPortals.

The first file in Plus Portals is called "Qtr 1 Quiz Review Chapters 1-6". Password for the PDF of the questions is the Franciscan virtue for the first quarter(Compassion). To check your work, go to Google Classroom or use game code **024682** on

The second file is called "Qtr 2 Quiz Review Chapters 8-12". Password for the PDF of the questions is the Franciscan virtue for the second quarter(Prayer). To check your work, go to Quizizz game code **006306**

Don't forget that you don't need a computer to practice writing code at "Warm up" , "logic", String-1, String-2, String-3, Array-1, Array-2, Array-3, and AP-1 are good categories to practice. You also may wish to try these Qtr 1 practice free response quizzes from the first quarter.

To practice free response questions try

Things to watch out for:

  1. not initializing a field ( fields are private, to encapsulate)
  2. accidentally making a local variable instead of initializing a variable
  3. remember to make methods public, and don't forget to use () for the parameter list, even if there are none
  4. local variables are never public nor private
  5. dangling else statements (p 148)
  6. forgetting to have a method return something of the correct type
  7. not to add a System.out.print were no printing is requested (This can be a 1 or 2 point 'Extraneous code that causes side effect' penalty on the AP Exam)
  8. using local variables that you don't declare ( also a AP scoring penalty)
  9. changing a value referenced by parameter or destroying data in a parameter (also a scoring penalty)
  10. return statement on a constructor, or a method that isn't supposed to return something (a 'void' method). This too has a AP scoring penalty)

Finally, please remember to get a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast! Good Luck!

PS: I have found other helpful free tutorial videos at

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