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The last two class of the quarter are both short (Friday and X schedules), so Multiple choice portion of the exam will be Friday March 12, and the Free response portion will be Tuesday March 16. It is a cumulative exam that covers the entire course from the summer assignment until Unit 10 of the College Board's Course and Exam Description (CED),

It is a good ideas to review the Elevens Lab and the other Labs we have done throughout the year. There will be 70 minutes to answer 36 multiple choice questions Friday, and 45 minutes to answer 3 free response questions Tuesday. Each portion is worth 100 points (and the exam category is worth 20% of your grade).

A good way to review the multiple choice is reviewing Questions from previous Progress checks at AP Classroom, and previous Chapter Tests (this year they were returned by e-mail) or Chapter 13 of Java2020-SFHS

A good way to review the free response questions is past AP Questions @mathorama like we have been doing in class and homework, or Chapter 14-15 of Java2020-SFHS. Don't forget that you don't need a computer to practice writing code at

Your actual AP Exam willl be one of 3 dates:

  1. Paper in School: Thursday May 6 12 PM PDT
  2. Digital: May 18 7 PM PDT
  3. Digital: June 1 7 PM PDT

St Francis High School will strive to have the May 6 date if conditions permit it.

Finally, please remember to get a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast!

Good Luck!

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