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-The exam will be March 19 in the Library and Library Lab (301). Since March 19 is an X Schedule, it will only be a 45 minute class. It is a cumulative exam that covers the summer assignmentthe [[|Magpie Chat-bot Lab]], [[|Picture Lab]], [[|Elevens Lab]], The Java Methods Book  and chapters 2 to 5 of the eimacs "Be Prepared for he AP Exam" There will be 20 minutes to answer 10 multiple choice questions, and 30 minutes to answer 2 free response questions, each portion is worth 100 points (double the chapter tests). The 5 practice tests in your emacs account are an excellent way to prepare yourself.+The last two class of the quarter are both short (Friday and X schedules), so Multiple choice portion of the exam will be Friday March 12, and the Free response portion will be Tuesday March 16 It is a cumulative exam that covers the entire course from the summer assignment until Unit 10 of the College Board's Course and Exam Description ([[|CED]])
-A good way to review the free response questions is [[|past AP Questions]] like [[|ScrambleWord]], the homework problems from [[| 2012]], [[|2018]],  and the others from [[|past years]].  +{{::screen_shot_2021-03-07_at_8.05.53_am.png?400|}}
-good way to review the multiple choice is [[]] and to  go back and review the multiple choice questions at [[]] and statements written in bold print in the text.  To review the free response, be sure to consult the [[|Chapter 2 Study Guide]] and the  [[|Chapter Study Guide]].  Don't forget that you don't need a computer to practice writing code at [[|]].  The free response will emphasize writing methods that deal with int, double, and String and arrays of int, double, and String that might need a loop, as well as making classes and implementing interfaces.  Practice writing loops, methods, and class declarations like the ones mentioned on the [[|Chapter 2 Study Guide]], [[|Semester 1 Study Guide]]  and [[| javabat]] exercises.+It is a good ideas to review the [[|Elevens Lab]] and the other Labs we have done throughout the yearThere will be 70 minutes to answer 36 multiple choice questions Friday, and 45 minutes to answer 3 free response questions Tuesday.  Each portion is worth 100 points (and the exam category is worth 20% of your grade)
-The College Board has posted free response questions for you to practice with [[|here]].  +A good way to review the multiple choice is reviewing Questions from previous Progress checks at [[| AP Classroom]], and previous Chapter Tests (this year they were returned by e-mail) or  [[|Chapter 13 of Java2020-SFHS]]
-Finally, please remember to get a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast! Some elegant solutions to these are at [[|Skylit]]the book publisher of our textbook.+good way to review the free response questions is [[|past AP Questions @mathorama]] like we have been doing in class and homework, or [[|Chapter 14-15 of Java2020-SFHS]].  Don't forget that you don't need computer to practice writing code at [[|]]. 
 +Your actual AP Exam will be Tuesday May 18, 2021 at 1 PM PDT from home using the  [[|Digital Exam App]] 
 +St Francis High School will strive to have the May 6 date if conditions permit it 
 +Finally, please remember to get a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast! 
 Good Luck! Good Luck!
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