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This is another classic card game. Watch How to Play Rack-O.

A Racko deck is composed of 60 cards, each numbered 1 to 60. The objective is to be the first player to arrange all of the cards in your rack in ascending order.

The player who gets to play first is randomly chosen. The cards then get shuffled and both the user and the computer gets dealt 10 cards. As a player receives each card, he must place it in the top most, then the next available slot until 10 fill the player's rack. The goal is to replace cards in the rack in such a way that the rack is filled in cards in ascending order, read bottom to top,

After the deal, the top card of the deck is turned over to start the discard pile. A player takes a turn by deciding to either take the top card from the deck or from the discard pile. If a card from the deck is chosen, the player may immediately discard it; otherwise the player replaced a card in the player's rack with the new card, and placing the old card in the discard pile. The player takes from the discard pile, it must replace one of the cards in the player's rack. 1 The first player to get his 10 cards in ascending order calls ”Rack-O!” and wins the hand.

This project is based on a Nifty Code prize winner in 2016

Activity 1: Getting a working Racko.class for a GUI

Activity 2: Writing your own AI for a Tournament

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