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  1. Join google class with the code 7jxjq7t
  2. Bookmark and install
    1. The Java SDK (I would recommend Java SDK 8u261 as it is the most widely used as of July 2021)
    2. Blue J 3.1.7 (version 4 is still buggy)
    3. Eclipse For Java Developers (June 2020)
  3. The Podcast has some videos that focus on installing your software: Getting Started with BlueJ, Windows7 Installation. You make want to see the list of videos
  4. Sign up at SoloLearn and take the free Java Tutorial at (Seems to work better in Firefox for me). You will get a certificate if you complete all 7 Java Modules. If you can't do all, do as many as you can.
  5. Learn the Basics at (the first 7 tutorials: “Hello, World!”, “Variables and Types”, “Conditionals”, “Arrays”, “Loops”, “Functions”, and “Objects”)
  6. If you are hungry for more, try the Intro Course at

There will be a quiz on the first day o class base on the Java tutorials mentioned above.

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