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Bingo Ball

It's not just a song from summer camp, its an old-timey game: Here is a Video Explaining the rules. We will start with the machine that randomly chooses the Bingo Ball to be called. Next we will generate the player's BingoCard which the user needs to mark until a winning Bingo pattern is made. Finally we will make a BingoGame class that will put all these elements together by showing the called numbers, the player's BingoCards and a BINGO button if the player thinks they have a winning Bingo Pattern.

Now we have a plan, so next we make a class to represent the BingoBall. It should have

  1. Two instance fields
  2. A “no-args” constuctor
  3. A Constructor that initializes the two Fields
  4. “Mutator” and “Access” methods to get and set the two fields
  5. override the default “toString” method to returns something like “B-15” or “I-16”
  6. A client class to test your BingoBall. It should
    1. Make a 2-D array of BingoBalls with 5 rows and 15 columns so arr[0][0] has B-1, arr[1][0] has “I-16” arr[4][14] has “O-75”.
    2. Print out the Array

After you know about ArrayLists, you can continue with the full Bingo project

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