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Number Cube

  1. Make a new class (Object) called Di or NumberCube
  2. Make have 2 instance variables: the total number of sides, and the side currently facing up
  3. Make a default Constructor with no parameters that initializes the instance variables
  4. Make another Constructor that takes an int parameter and sets that to the number of sides.
  5. Make a roll method that randomly changes the current side facing up. It should return an int
     return 1 + (int)(sides*Math.random() ) ;
  6. Override the default toString() method so it returns a string reporting the number facing up and how many sides it has, for example: D20 is showing 13
  7. Make a NumberCubeTester that create a 12 sides die and a 6 sided die, and the makes a loop:
import java.util.Scanner;
public class NumberCubeTester
    public static void main ( String[]  args )
        Scanner kb = new Scanner(;
        String input = "";
        System.out.println("Welcome to the Number Rolling Tester");
        // make 2 new number cubes
            // roll the cubes and return the sum of the 2 dice
            System.out.println("Press return to roll, type Q to quit");
            input = kb.nextLine();
        while ( ! input.equalsIgnoreCase("Q") );
        System.out.println("Thanks for testing this out.");

Here is a link to a graphical way to make Dice.

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