Gridworld Trail Index

  1. Make Custom Pictures For Gridworld Actors
  2. Custom ActorWorld that Reports the Furthest Bug
  3. Coin and PurseWorld
  4. ChickenBugs Make a Bug that has a 50% chance of dropping an Egg instead of a Flower
  5. Mushroom Make Deadly Mushrooms that can poison MushroomBugs
  6. RockHound An actor that is attracted to Rocks
  7. Missile Fire Anti-Aircraft Missiles at Planes
  8. PigeonCritter Make a homing pigeon that can find its way home around obstacles
  9. BlackHoleCritter Make a Critter that sucks in and destroys the universe!
  10. Capture The Flag Make a Flag Actor to keep track of the winner, while AttackCritters search for the other team's Flag
  11. AntFarm

  1. Make Custom Pictures For Gridworld Actors


  1. Gridworld Overview Video
  2. Gridworld Presentation (zip-ppt) (16 MB)
  3. Gridworld Presentation (zip-keynote) (16 MB)
  4. Gridworld Presentation (pdf) (2.8 MB)
  5. Gridworld Presentation ( Large size pdf) (2.9 MB)
  6. Part 2-Making New Bugs
  7. Part 3-Classes and Interfaces
  8. Part 4-Interacting Objects

Reference Materials

  2. StudentManual
  3. Quick Reference A
  4. Sample Questions from the College Board
  5. XBug Sample Code Project folder from the College Board
  6. Drop Game Sample Code Project Folder from the the College Board
  7. Think Java by Allen B Downey is a great free Online textbook that includes Gridworld.