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1Monday, Mar 23 Day 5Please Check In Each Class at Socrative.com

2018 FRQ "String Catcher"

   2018 Free Response Questions
StringChecker Starter and Tester Code
APCS 2018 FRQ 3: StringChecker
   Combine the photos of your work into a single pdf online:

smallpdf.com (select no margins) or

png2pdf.com (press combine)

Or an App like CamScanner (The basic App is free but it tries to get you to buy the priced version. Due to COVID19 remote learning, all teachers and students can get the Premium version of the app at no charge during this time. Just click on the part that says Read more details about how to redeem Premium >> and follow their directions of what needs to be done in order to get it. )

   AP Classes from the College Board

AP Exam Schedule as of April 8, 2020 Current Schedule fromCB


2Wednesday, Mar 25 Day 12017 Free Response Questions Digits
APCS 2017 FRQ 1: "Digits"
3Friday, Mar 27 Day 3In class: Unit 2 Progress Check: MCQ Part A at AP Classroom.org

eimacs.com Exam 1-II Question 1 "Password" (Small groups)

For HW: Exam1-II Question 2 "Shopping"

4Tuesday, Mar 31 Day 5In class: For HW
  1. Test your "Password" and "Shopping" code with the testers at Plus Portals
  2. HW 4-4 "Hailstone" APClassroom.collegeboard.org using the Lockdown Browser from Collegeboard.org.
5Thursday, Apr 02 Day 1In class:
  1. Unit 4 Progress Check: MCQ APClassroom.collegeboard.org
  2. Unit 6 Progress Check: MCQ APClassroom.collegeboard.org
  3. Unit 5 Progress Check: FRQ APClassroom.collegeboard.org
  1. browwxy.com A web page where you compile your code, even in an iPad (it is a server side complier, so it is not as quick as your computer).
  2. TitanHacks A online hackathon April 11-12
  3. An Easter Egg on every Java .class file!
   For HW
  1. HW 4-5 LD "Review Collector" APClassroom.collegeboard.org using the Lockdown Browser from Collegeboard.org.
6Wednesday, Apr 15 Day 3About the AP Exam 2020
  1. Exam Schedule
  2. Test Day protocols and exam security
  3. If you need connectivity or Mobile Tools
  4. Course Specific Information
   Exam is Friday May 15 at 1 PM

Exam details as of April 8

(See Google Classroom)
   https://codehs.com/practice/java Try these boolean FRQs:
  1. Heart Rate (Press red "Check Unit Test" before the blue "Submit+Continue" button.
  2. ArraySum
  3. ArrayList Multiply (Try solving it with a for loop, and then a "for-each" loop)
  4. Switch the Words
  5. Count your spaces

For Homework

  1. Even Up, Odd Down
   Food for Math from Burger King
7Friday, Apr 17 Day 5In class
  1. Unit 6 (Arrays) Mixed-Up code Practice
  2. Unit 7 (ArrayList) Mixed-Up Code Practice
  3. String Chooser Mixed-Up Code Practice
   Watch Unit 71.-7.3 at (you can skip the first 3 min)

Make sure you submitted to Google Classroom

  1. HW 4-6 EvensUp
  2. Class 4-7 Mixed Up Code

CS Awesome Course

    Make sure you submitted at myAp.collegeBoard.org:
  1. HW 4-4 (Hailstone
  2. HW 4-5 LD (ProductReview)
  3. Practice Exam 2020 style 23/15 min (SpinnerGame & Student Record)
  4. Unit 5 Progress Check: FRQ ( Invitation & PasswordGenerator)
If you have, check to see if I scored it and left you feedback (press the Results tab in myAp.collegeBoard.org)

CS Awesome Course

8Tuesday, Apr 21 Day 1In class: For Homework Joust
9Thursday, Apr 23 Day 3For Class: Tens Game

For Homework Simon Game

starter code
   The Head of the AP Stats Exam had this interesting reply addressing a teacher's concern with cheating on this year's exam: Regarding 2020 AP Testing Security
10Monday, Apr 27 Day 5In class:
  • Go over solution to Joust
  • eimacs.com: MemoryLane Practice Exam 1 (page 83): Section II Question 3 - Turn in at Google classroom
For Homework
  • eimacs.com: Bus Practice Exam 2 (page 99): Section II Question 1 -turn in at Google classroom
11Wednesday, Apr 29 Day 1In class:
  1. 2010 FRQ1 Cookie Order
  2. 2011 FRQ 1:Sound
  3. Dos and Dont's ( Solutions Here)
  1. Exam Walkthrough Video
  2. cb.org/apdemo Practice Test Day
  3. AP Exam 2020 Videos
  4. cb.org/ap2020
12Friday, May 01 Day 3Practice AP Test (2020 Style)
  1. Log in Room APCSE at Socrative.com and Zoom (the code is in a socrative question)

  2. Get your notes ready (like Java Quick Reference) 10:05 -10:15

  3. Question 1: 10:15 - 10:45 (25 min - 5 min to upload)

  4. Question 2: 10:45 - 11:05 (15 min - 5 min to upload)
13Tuesday, May 05 Day 5Updates & Clarifications
  1. May 5th (AM) FAQ's about Exam Day 2020 regarding multiple devices, phones and tablets NOT in HEIC mode, etc.
  2. May 5 (PM) Update Handwritten work in a PDF is now okay
  3. Walkthrough Video from an AP Calculus Teacher
   In class:
  1. Go over Scoring of Practice Exam
  2. Discuss Ideas for "Notes" to have near you during the Exam
  3. StringFormatter and scoring guidelines (See Google Classroom)
For Homework
  1. Practice uploading answers at cb.org/apdemo
  2. Score 2018 Question 1 (FrogSim) Student responses 1A, 1, and 1C (See Google classroom)
14Thursday, May 07 Day 1In class: Open ended AP Exam 2020 Questions (See Google Classroom)
   For Homework:
  1. Go over your scored FRQ's in myAp.collegeboard.org
  2. (In Google classroom) Answer 2018 FRQ 3 and score the student responses 3A, 3B, and 3C (See Google classroom)
  3. Fill out Exam Day Checklist
  4. Get your notes for the exam organized (See the "Study Materials" Section of Google Classroom for some helpful notes)
15Monday, May 11 Day 3In class:
  1. Test Decription
  2. Clock class
For Homework:
  • HW 4-15 in Google classroom (ECG methods)
Clock Tester Code
   2020 AP Testing Begins Monday May 11
   For Homework:
  1. Finish incomplete work (Units 1,2,5,7) and go over your scored FRQ's in myAp.collegeboard.org
  2. Fill out Exam Day Checklist
  3. Get your notes for the exam organized (See the "Study Materials" Section of Google Classroom for some helpful notes)
16Wednesday, May 13 Day 5In class
  • Go over scoring guidelines fo HW 4-15 (EKG)
  • Group Think Mock Exam 1 (See Google Classroom Class 4-16)
For Homework try some of these:
   Last Class before the AP Exam
17Friday, May 15 Day 1
  1. Check in at Socrative between 12 to 12:15 (I will be on Zoom too)

  2. Click the ink in your e-Ticket email at 12:30 (PDT) to take the AP Exam

  3. Write your 8 digit e-ticket and initials on the top left corner of every page

  4. Set a timer

  5. Check out at Socrative after the exam (I will be on Zoom too) to report if you were able to upload your answers, and to give advice to next year's AP Comp Science students, reporting what was the thing them helped you the most.
18Tuesday, May 19 Day 3No classes after the AP Exam, so now what? Try this! (PekoeCTF is a new "Capture the Flag" ( aka "hacking" competition) starting May 20.
19Thursday, May 21 Day 5No classes after the AP Exam
20Tuesday, May 26 Day 1No classes after the AP Exam
21Thursday, May 28 Day 3No classes after the AP Exam (Chapter 1: Hardware, software and the Internet)
   No classes after the AP Exam

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